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Radish sketch

Sketching ML at the kitchen table working on a crossword

Oil on panel, 8×10″

Corridor sketch




This oil sketch is from the many pencil sketches I have made while on the train travelling through the Toronto /Montreal corridor. My late father worked  most of his adult life for the railroad and I feel as if this particular stretch of rail line is part of who I am; the dark tree line, the meadows and the farms..the approach to urban settlement.  All of these places and pictures and ways of the land are permanently in my mind’s eye. These sketches are an exploration of this ribbon of landscape that connects us and connects me, through the work of painting them,  to the memory of my father.

oil on cradled panel, about 12×12″




late afternoon; sheep near Waupoos


5×7″ oil on panel, study in the rain. Sold



sketch of C at breakfast


oil on gessoed board, 8×10″


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