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another Sorolla study


This is the 4th study after Sorolla I’ve made recently. Something about understanding his hard darks and bright lights is  compelling just now. These are about 6″ in diameter, oil on birch(?) or some kind of light weight wood panel. Available at Collier West. 

flowers from my garden


First pass on these flowers yesterday.

first pass for little rider


My old school sent out a call for work with horses in it for a fund raiser exhibition. This is the first pass for a sketch of a rider I may submit.

Just thinking about these forms in paint, especially the horse, since I am not so familiar with this. Last year I made some horse studies for a label I was asked to make for a winery, but beyond that it has been a long time since I’ve really studied a horse or horse anatomy.

This is oil on a small birch circle panel.

a few flowers from my garden, sketched to send to my son


These little light weight birch panels make good postcards. I made this one to mail to my son in Montreal.

studies after Sorolla

img_8892 IMG_8893

Bird and Bee at Gravenfeather, Toronto

My work (above) was selected to be part of an exhibition this month at Gravenfeather  in Toronto.

Here is the invitation and  this is a link to Gravenfeather for more information


Marigold sketch

Oil sketch on small wood panel. This is one of those light, small wood panels that are meant to be post cards. I will send this one to one of my sons. 


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