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Quick oil sketch in  consecon this afternoon

I painted out in the county this afternoon. This was really fast, sort of like scribbling it quickly with oil paint as my hands got cold and colder. I was glad to be there anyway. That cat passed across my sight line on the way to sit (and hunt maybe?) in the tall grass on the left, so I sketched it too.

Anne’s drive shed

I went back into this sketch and tried to pull out more.

Oil on panel, 5×7″


late afternoon; sheep near Waupoos


5×7″ oil on panel, study in the rain. Sold



sketch of C at breakfast


oil on gessoed board, 8×10″

plein air sketch, beach road


As far as I got this morning before the rain. Here’s the pencil study for this.

8×10″ oil on panel

Flowers in a jelly jar


oil on gessoed card, about 8×10″.


This is alla prima and sketched from life.  The flowers are from my garden except for the butter and eggs and goldenrod, which like the little apple, are wild.

cloudless sulpher and nasturtiums in the studio at night


Oil on gessoed card, about 5×7″


For more information about this painting and to purchase, please click here.

Study sketches for this one here.


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