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peonies with Emily Carr’s diary

IMG_E1766Reading Emily Carr’s Journals, Opposite Contraries at my river shack. That’s the book just in behind the glass jar.

I made this oil at the shack the other day. It’s a little bouquet of peonies my friend, Georgina gave me. I think they might be the old fashioned kind.

Oil on cradled birch panel, about 8×10″



quick at Baxter




A train



quick oil sketch, Baxter


classes start this Friday, May 31



On the spot, marker on a napkin, followed by a little oil sketch.

You are invited to join me for



Oil for Beginners.

Both classes start this Friday, May 31 at The Baxter Center.





sketch from memory


8×10″, oil on canvas

quick figure oil sketch, Baxter


20 min oil sketch from last night’s Baxter life drawing session. 11×14″ oil on canvas

Daffodils with barn swallow and rusty-patched bumble bee


oil on canvas, 12×12″

When I was growing up, these swallows used to be a common sight swooping over fields and nesting under the eves of rural farm outbuildings. The birds are now on Ontario’s “threatened species” list. The Rusty- Patched bumble bee, is, likewise listed as “endangered”.

I’m including these beautiful creatures in my paintings to, hopefully, join in the global effort to bring attention to the importance of biodiversity and to our part in preserving it.

Tomorrow, May 22, is The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB)Here’s a link more information.

Here’s a link to the now endangered Ontario’s Rusty- Patched Bees

and a link to the government of Ontario’s strategy for the recovery of  Barn Swallows. 

Painting available at Arts on Queen in Toronto

Arts on Queen Instagram


2 new upcoming classes at The Baxter

IMG_E1361I’m offering two new classes this Spring at The Baxter Centre:

Mentoring for Painters and Oil for Beginners

For more information about the classes and to register, please  click here

For more information on The Baxter Centre please click here

scarlet tanager and forget-me-not


oil on canvas, 12×12