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watercolor demo at sea wall, Essouria, Morocco

watercolor demo, sea wall, Essaoira, Morocco

Morocco Apr 2013 084This blog is an online notebook and record of work related to my life here in Prince Edward County and to the studio workshops and teaching I do, both at home and abroad in Morocco and France.

I hold an MFA, cum laude, in painting from the New York Academy of Art and graduated from the University of Guelph and Ontario College of Art and Design.  I’ve also studied painting, drawing, and printmaking at The New York Studio School and The Art Student’s League.

My work is sometimes available here and also at The Pilar Shephard Gallery on Prince Edward Island as well as at Sidestreet Gallery in Wellington, Ontario and  Collier West, in Brooklyn, NY.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Congrats on your blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.
    Warmly, Dana

  2. margaret permalink

    hee hee hee you look good as a happy goat! Keep posting, give as much info (size, media, all that stuff) as you can to make ’em drool with longing!

  3. Valerie Battler permalink

    Hi Elizabeth, I saw your work at Sidestreet Gallery last weekend and loved it. Paulette said that you give private lessons. Could we book some time in June?

  4. Diane Paolone permalink

    Hi Ms Hutchinson I absolutely love your work!
    Years ago I came across ‘Sunday Sailor’ print – colours orange and light blue .. Is this still available in print? I look forward to your reply.
    Thank you so much,
    Diane Paolone
    Stoney Creek, Ontario

    • Hello Diane,
      Thank you so much for commenting here.
      Not sure what you are asking about, I am not familiar with a print and my work has not been reproduced this way, as far as I know. Margaret and I have put some images from this blog for sale as prints on Society 6, if any of these might interest.
      Please feel free to write again, in case there is some way to help with what you are asking about. thanks again for writing. Elizabeth

  5. MIchelle Berrigan permalink

    Hi Elizabeth,
    We visited Stuart Jones’ gallery in Wellington this past weekend and saw you lovely Wellington Boots painting hanging in the front entrance. We tried to find one at the Side Street Gallery, but didn’t see one.
    Is it possible to still buy one?
    Thank you for your help.

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