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Opening at Colborne

March 8, 2014


Thanks to everybody who came out today to say hello. There was such a great turn out and I enjoyed speaking with many people who stopped by. This is the demo sketch I made in the gallery. Chris and I packed up left

over breakfast and that’s what I set up to paint. So this is eggs and toast and jam- as far as I got with it anyway!


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  1. susanjk permalink

    Well this painting is just fabulous as was your Opening. It was so nice to see everybody – Kathryn, Anita, and of course your dear friend Maggie. I found everybody to be so warm and friendly. I really like the framing you (and Chris) did for your artwork – it just made it pop. I forgot to mention when I saw you that Roz had really wanted to come, but was stuck working at the Library. Anyway, she wanted to wish you all the best. Just finishing dinner – curry coconut cod – around here we eat our fish! (But, I would never eat a herring, so they are still fine to paint!). Susan Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2014 23:00:15 +0000 To:

  2. Kathryn MacDonald permalink

    Congratulations on a wonderful opening. It’s interesting to have seen the demo painting in progress and to see what transpired after I left the gallery. James and Pat also shared my enthusiasm for your collection on display. So glad to have shared a bit of the day. Now I’m looking forward to my next class.

  3. Great to see you too Kathryn and to meet James and Pat. Thanks everyone for coming.
    Yes, I got waylaid a little with the painting at the gallery, which was nice, since so many people came to sit and talk a while. At about 5pm the gallery had to close, so out went the eggs and that was the end of that sketch!

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