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Canadian wildflowers, North of 7

July 7, 2013

When I was in Toronto the other day, I stopped in to see a few paintings and some books at the AGO.

J.E.H. MacDonald and Tom Tompson, have long been favorites, but this time it was the still life paintings and wild flowers I saw in some new books about the group of 7 painters, that moved me. This is in homage to them. I snipped the wild flowers in the yard , took them to the easel and tried to use paint in a frank, straight forward way; as MacDonald and Tompson did.

I’ve had cultivated gardens but these wild flowers, the ones that I picked as a child and were put in jam jars on the kitchen table, are dearer.

Some of these wild flower paintings will be part of my exhibition, North of 7, and will be available for purchase from The Colin Edwards Memorial Art Gallery at Greystones Gift and Book Shop in Bon Echo Provincial Park after July 18. Oil on panel, about  8×10″ and  5×7″.


  1. “North of 7”–is that north of Highway 7, by any chance? Where is your exhibition located–is it at the gallery you mention in the last paragraph?

    • Hello and thank you so much for your comment. The gallery is the one mentioned in the post and it is in Bon Echo provincial park. The park is near Cloyne and yes, North of 7 is north of hwy 7. I called it that because years and years ago
      my family used to go to a cottage, and I remember my Dad talking about the blueberries he and I would pick together when we were there. They grew wild out of the Canadian shield and he used to say that the blueberries north of 7 were always the best, worth the intense heat up there on the rocks and the black flies that are just part of summertime in the north.

      • Thanks for getting back to me. That sounds like a great place for a weekend outing one of these summer days.

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