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Single Fare 3 at RH Gallery: the Hemmingways

January 29, 2013

It’s hard to know how ideas fasten themselves together.

These little portraits of the Hemmingways; Earnest, his first wife Hadley and their baby

are painted on the back of old NYC Metro cards.  I’ve just finished reading about Hadley and her  fabulous and sometimes painful life in Paris with Hemmingway. These will be submitted for an exhibition called

called Single Fare 3. All of the work in this show will be, like these, painted on NYC metro cards and are available at the gallery (RH Gallery in NYC) or online.


One Comment
  1. susan jaehn-kreibaum permalink

    Oh Elizabeth – these paintings are just so perfect. Such lovely renditions of Ernest, Hadley, and their little baby Bumby. I loved reading about their exciting, and yet sad life in Paris. I am touched that you chose to paint them and I think you have captured them beautifully.

    This is the first time I have responded to a blog and I will continue to visit yours’ and leave my little comments.

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