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primrose with G’s electrical map

January 16, 2013

This time of year I crave these deep greens. The little drawing in behind the primrose is my father-in-law’s map of the electrical wiring in our kitchen.

primrose with G's electrical map



From → still life

  1. Whatever really moved you to publish “primrose with G’s electrical map « elizabethhutchinson”?
    I actuallygenuinely enjoyed reading it! Thank you -Francesca

    • Hi Gena and thanks for your comment.
      Those two things together- the primrose and that electrical drawing interested me because one seemed such a good foil for the other :the sturdy thriving green of the plant leaves and the tentative lines of the map…
      This painting may be available at auction through Artbomb on the 26th of this month, I believe. I will try to remember to mention this in a post next week.
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks again for your question and comment.

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