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notes for painting students

October 15, 2012

First, let me apologize for being absent for so long.

I teach tomorrow and my son, Piper, has asked that I post the notes I make for the students here, just in case there may be readers who would like them. So here are the notes Piper, brief though they are, for class tomorrow morning. I plan to talk about a limited palette as a way to move from the tonal exercises we’ve been doing into color.

Exercise: color mixing/ limited palette

Below are examples of some colors mixed using a limited palette. Wade Shuman introduced me to

this palette when I was a student. He called it a “ dead palette”.

Below are illustrations for my students of a sketch ( the last of our garden tomatoes) using this limited palette.

Yellow ochre, functions as a yellow

Cold black, functions as a blue

Red iron oxide (earth red), functions as a red


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  1. jan sitvast permalink

    Dear Elizabeth,

    My condoleances for this terrible loss. In my thoughts I’ll be with you. Jan

    jan sitvast 06-14328220

  2. Thanks so very much Jan for your kind condolences.

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